Bill Hader Is Our Generation’s David Hasselhoff, According to ‘Baywatch’ Reboot Casting; New Plot Details Revealed

As the saying goes, every generation gets the Hoff it deserves. (That is how the saying goes, right?) And the one we’ve earned, apparently, is Bill Hader. The Saturday Night Live star has just signed on for the Baywatch reboot, which is being directed byReno 911! co-creator Robert Ben Garant. Although a few of the series’ old stars are expected to make cameo appearances, Hader is the first new star to have signed on. Hit the jump to keep reading.

TheWrap reports that Hader will play “the Hasselhoff character,” as the leader of the lifeguard team. He’ll be joined by Pamela Anderson and the original David Hasselhoff, both of whom are lined up for cameos. No other casting has been announced, though Justin Timberlake was rumored to be a top choice several months ago. (He never got close to signing on, as far as we know.) I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few more Reno 911! or Saturday Night Live vets coming this way in the near future.



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